Getting Started

Integrate Octifi payments on your website, on mobile, or in your stores.

Welcome Developers!

These pages are dedicated resources for OctiFi merchant partners and developers. If you’re a consumer, please visit

Whether you’re using an e-commerce platform or integrating directly with our APIs, getting up and running with OctiFi is quick and easy. Our docs provide step-by-step guidance for adding OctiFi to your site, in no time!

What is OctiFi PayLater?

Pay Later allows you to split up your customer purchase into 3 interest free instalment payments and customers have the option to pay their purchase with a credit or debit card. There is no interest or fees to use this service if you follow the automated payment schedule.

Why OctiFi PayLater?

Split the cost into 3 easy instalments. Always 0% interest and no hidden fees.

Introducing Octifi Flash Checkout

OctiFi flash checkout is easy to integrate with few lines of code. Here is how it looks in a modal checkout.

Octifi Checkout
Octifi Checkout

Demo of how OctiFi Works?