When making API calls to LatitudePay, you will need to authenticate those requests by using your API Keys. You can view your API keys in the Octifi Merchant Console. you can get the api keys for your merchant account as explained in the integration-prerequisite.

Note: Sandbox mode and production mode will have a different set of keys and endpoints.


All api's from your server should carry the following header in the HTTP request!

Authorization: Api-Key <private_api_key> or <public_api_key>

Public Api key or Private api key, which one should i use?

Rule of Thumb:

Backend Api's (called from the server) always use Private Keys, Frontend api's (called from browser) always use Public key.


checkout api is a frontend api

Hence it should carry public_api_key in the header

charge api is a backend server side api

Hence it should carry private_api_key in the header