Learn about managing charges


Charges represent the OctiFi loans that are issued to the end-user. You can interact with charges via the charges api in order to change the state of that charge, update metadata, or retrieve details.

Charge authorization

Charge Authorisation occurs after a user has successfully completed the OctiFi checkout flow and returns back to the merchant site. Authorizing the charge generates the charge_id that will be used to reference this loan moving forward.

Charge actions

You can integrate various charge actions into your back-end order management system, where you normally fulfill orders and process payments, refunds, and cancelations.

You can use the Charges Api to manage charges with the following actions:

These action allow you to manage charges through various states such as authorized, captured, voided, etc.

Charge Apis


Charge api should carry the following header:

Authorization: Api-Key private_api_key

Charge api is a backend server side api

Hence it should carry private_api_key in the header