Checkout Object

This step is done internally by the octifi-websdk.js

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What is a checkout object?

Once the customer decides to pay with octifi, the hosted-checkout (octifi-websdk.js) calls the backend to create a checkout object and return a checkout_token to the merchant via callback.

Checkout Api returns a checkout_token

  • /checkout/create: For details see checkout apis in the Api reference๏ปฟ
  • This api uses a Public API key and normally used in the frontend.
  • Authorization: Api-Key public_api_key
  • Checkout only authorise the payment

What is the difference between checkout and charge?

In a nutshell:

  1. Customer Checkout is step 1
  2. Charge/create is the step 2
  3. Charge/capture is step 3


  • Charge api takes checkout_token as a parameter
  • Charge capture api should be called from the backend (server side) and requires a private key.
  • More details about charge are here: https://docs.octifi.com/charges๏ปฟ
  • Api: /charge/create/{checkout_token}/



Updated 13 Jan 2021
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