Testing WooCommerce plugin (Malaysia)

For Staging Credentials

Reach out to our Sales team and they will set you up! https://my.latitudepay.com/sales-booking/

Step 1: Getting the public key and private key from the merchant console

For customer & merchant credentials Please, reach out to our Sales team and they will set you up! https://my.latitudepay.com/sales-booking/

goto merchant console - https://merchant.octifi.me/

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  1. Please login in the merchant console using your merchant credentials.
  2. Go to profile tab and create API keys
  3. Copy the public key and private key to input in your Woocommerce Settings page
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Step2: Installing WooCommerce

Download LatitudePay woocommerce plugin from github - https://github.com/octifi/woocommerce-plugin

  1. Open your woocommerce admin.
  2. Goto plugins page and click "Add new" and upload the downloaded plugin.
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3. Goto LatitudePay Payment > "settings"

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4. Make sure you selected Ringgit as a currency

Step3: Testing the payment flow

  1. Goto your homepage or shop
  2. Add some items into the cart.
  3. Goto checkout and fill billings details
  4. Select "LatitudePay" as a payment method.
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5. Click "Place order".

6. You will be redirected to "LatitudePay Payment page".

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Download malaysia customer mobile app

Please download the latest app from here

  1. Download the android app & login with customer credentails.

2. Press QR icon in the home screen and scan the QR code

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3. In the app screen you can see your purchase detail and total amount

4. Press "BUY NOW"

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5. Do Make payment

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6. In the web you will be redirected automatically after the payment.

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7. Goto WooCommerce admin page.

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8. If "Authorization" is enabled the "capture latitudePay payment" button will be activated

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9. For addional details. Please check bottom of the order detail screen.

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Cancellations/ Refund

Use the LatitudePay merchant console dashboard for canceling/partial refunding the orders

  1. Goto Merchant console "https://merchant.octifi.me/"
  2. Click "order" tab
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3. Our case we are canceling the order (Full refund)

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4 . Successfully canceled the order.

Updated 05 May 2022
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