Web integration Architecture

Render LatitudePay hosted-checkout on your web, iOS, or Android application.

How the web integration works?

Quite easy! Two steps as labelled in the following diagram:


web integration
web integration


Step 1: Hosted checkout on client side

  • On the checkout page(front-end), the customer decides to pay with octifi and submits the payment button.
  • OctiFi-websdk.js renders the checkout experience and on payment confirmation by the customer returns aย checkout_token.
  • Your front-end sends the checkout_token to your server (via POST, GET or a Webhook)

Step 2: Initiate a charge

  • Your server code receives the checkout_token and then uses it to initiate a charge using our /charge/createapi and returns a charge_id.

Step 3: Save the charge_id in your database

  • We recommend that you save both the checkout_token and the charge_id in your database along with your order details.
  • The charge_id is required for any further operations like cancellation or refund on the order.