WooCommerce Integration guide (SG)


WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable e-commerce platform. It offers a flexible way to build an e-commerce store with WordPress.

The LatitudePay Woocommerce plugin offers seamless integration and ensures compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce.

Note: Currency Supported - MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) & SGD (Singapore Dollar)

Compatibilities and Dependencies

  • WordPress v 5.3 or higher
  • Woocommerce v 3.6.0 or higher
  • PHP v7.0 or higher
  • php-cURL


  • To use this plugin, you will need to make network calls. Ensure that you have the php-cURL extension installed to make the required network calls.
  • The plugin has been tested using WooCommerce v3.6.0


  • Signup as a LatitudePay Merchant
  • Get Merchant API-Keys (public key and private key) from Merchant console 
  • Follow this link for details: Prerequisites

Integration Steps Summary:

  1. Install Plugin.
  2. Configure WooCommerce.
  3. Accept Live Payments

Download Plugin

Download production

Download the latest Source code zip file from the LatitudePay Github.

Step 1: Install Plugin

  • Unzip and upload contents of the extension to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Log into your WordPress account and activate the LatitudePay plugin in the WordPress Plugin Manager. plugins (Click the Plugins tab on the left -> Add New (At the top of the page)-> Upload Plugin (At the top of the page)

How to add the Octifi Plugin
How to add the Octifi Plugin

Activate the OctiFi Plugin
Activate the OctiFi Plugin

Step 2: Configure WooCommerce

  • Log into your WooCommerce account, navigate to Settings and click the Payments tab. Besides LatitudePay Payment gateway click on the Manage button.
Access WooCommerce Settings
Access WooCommerce Settings

Access Payments tab in Settings
Access Payments tab in Settings

Document image

  • Enable the Payment Method, You can also name it “LatitudePay Payments”
  • If you want to use the sandbox mode you can simply toggle the "Test mode" to "enable".
  • If the testmode is disabled you can select the servicing country. If testmode is enabled the country dropdown could be disabled by default.
  • You can hide/show the LatitudePay Text and logo by enabling/disabling the checkbox "Home page text"
  • Add in your <public_api_key> and <Private_api_key> generated from the LatitudePay Merchant console dashboard (see prerequisites).
  • By default, the LatitudePay payment text is disabled. If you want to show the text under the products please unselect the checkbox.
  • If you want to show the LatitudePay payment text for certain products. Please enter the amount accordingly. For Example: if you want to disable the text for products that are less than or equal to 50 dollars. Then you need to enter 50 in "minimum sum".
  • Payment Action is Authorize and Capture to auto-capture payments.
  • if you want to enable the Auth & Capture as a payment action please Select "Authorise & Capture". or Enable "Authorization" for Auth only

Document image

  • If Authorization is enabled we need to capture the payment manually. In order to capture the payment. Please goto --> orders --> click the order --> click capture button. Please check the below screenshot for reference.

Document image

Step 3: Accept Live Payments

  • You are ready to accept live payments once the plugin is activated

Currency Support

We currently support SGD and MYR.

SGD: You can accept payments in SGD when using the plugin version 1.0 or higher.

To accept payments in SGD (Singapore dollar) currency:

  • Ensure all your products are priced correctly in the above currency

MYR: You can accept payments in MYR when using the plugin version 2.1.3 or higher.

To accept payments in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) currency:

  • Set your shop's base currency to MYR.
  • Ensure all your products are priced correctly in the above currency

Accepting payments in other currencies?

Currently LatitudePay supports accepting payments for Singaporean currency and Malaysian Ringgit only.

Cancellations/ Refund

  • Use the LatitudePay merchant console dashboard for canceling/partial refunding the orders